What's Konnectology?

It's a serialized, half-hour TV dramedy set in Atlanta, created and written by Lisa Combs Jern and Elizabeth Travis Ward. Konnectology is also the name of the data brokering company at the heart of the show.

What's the logline for the TV series?

The offbeat cofounders of a small data broker company must navigate their close friendship, quirky staff, and the crazy world of selling people’s unlimited private data, all while battling their arrogant rival’s sneaky attacks.

Konnectology Office 3

Our Vision of the Konnectology Staff and Office


Konnectology's cofounders, Colton Keene and Olivia Meyer

Konnectology Staff

Konnectology's main staff


Konnectology's nemesis, Vince Dorx

Konnectology Office1
Atlanta skyline
Konnectology Office 2