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Coming in March 2016

The Delphi Series

In the small town of Delphi, Georgia, members of the Hay family face the complicated and often darker side of life, love, and loss across generations. These first two novels in the series include unconventional, intelligent Sybil Hay, as both a young and old woman.

Book Love Space Time by Travis Neighbor Ward

Love Space Time

He was one of the greatest geniuses of all time. She was a young physics student who believed his scientific discoveries were tied to his tumultuous love life. In 1951, Sybil Hay spends the summer with Albert Einstein on a lake in Princeton, when he’s in one of the darkest periods of his life. Will she help him regain faith in his work? Will he save her from the life she seems destined to have?

The Unified Theory of Love and Everything, a novel by Travis Neighbor Ward

The Unified Theory of Love and Everything

In 2012, Sybil Hay is an 82-year-old retired physics professor with unconventional ideas about life and love. When Emerson Hay, a married young garden designer, finds herself drawn powerfully to Finn Lowell, a Navy cop, Sybil steps in to convince them that sometimes the traditional path is not the wisest.

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Praise for Come Find Me from Readers

4.5 stars out of 53 reviews on
Voted Indie Book of the Day
5 Stars from Kindle Book Review
Featured Trailer by Romance Beat

Published by Northside Books in 2014

A story nobody should miss reading

“A story about love and life that nobody should miss reading. This book is absolutely wonderful. Read the book for the best story in a good long time.” –Dottie H.

what a wonderful book

This is story that is not only heart warming but one that should definitely be shared with a daughter and friends. You will not be disappointed. –A. Corella


This was such a touching story. It even brought me to tears. –Shoe Magnet

Excellent story of not giving up!

“I was sitting at Midas getting an oil change with tears running down my face and I’d just started reading! I would thoroughly enjoy reading more books by this author.” –Kindle Customer

True love overcomes all

This is an amazing story of how love can overcome any obstacles that are in the way…  It is a must read for any who loves this type of novel. –Heather Austin

more than a love story

As a reader, I laughed, cried, got angry and rallied for the truth to prevail. –Perfectly Blessed “Life Writer”

best i have read in a long while

 This is one that you can read, enjoy, and keep on believing that love is out there if you truly want to wait for it and not settle for less. –Cathy

sweet romance

Come Find Me was an absolute joy to read. Once I picked it up it was very hard to put down.  The overwhelming feeling I had was one of hope and happiness, even though life dealt the main characters hard blows. –Tonya

Five Stars

A touching love story about find the right one, loss, love and fate. Couldn’t put it down!! –Thomas Hayes Greene

For me writing is like sunlight

Travis Neighbor Ward author

Writing Advice from Travis

When you’re writing characters in fiction, knowing their motivations before you start can take them from being cookie-cutter or caricature-like to real and unforgettable.

Writing Advice by Travis Neighbor Ward
Maine Coast by Travis Neighbor Ward and Patch of Earth

Discover this great writer’s retreat

Find out why Travis loved visiting Monhegan Island in Maine, a place where writers and artists have gathered for centuries.


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