The Unified Theory of Love and Everything

"For those prepared to receive a profound message of heartbreak, love, and renewal, this book is for you.”

Emerson Wheeler has everything she ever wanted: two beautiful daughters, a reliable husband, and a modest gardening business in a small town. But after her estranged father commits suicide, she has to face facts. She’s been lying to people her whole life, and her unhappy marriage is keeping her from knowing her true self.

Finn Lowell is a married father of two and a Navy police officer. After a childhood of abuse he has a hard time trusting people. Soon he must decide whether to continue in active duty and risk being deployed overseas. If he quits, he can spend the summer at his lake house alone with his sons.

When Emerson volunteers to help Sybil Hay, a reclusive physicist, with her rundown estate in Delphi, Georgia, she’s in for a surprise: Finn works there in his free time. Emerson has only met him once through her husband, but it convinced her that spending time together could be dangerous because of their attraction. Equally dangerous are Sybil’s unconventional beliefs about love, which date back to a mysterious summer she spent with Albert Einstein.

After Sybil falls ill, Finn makes Emerson an outrageous offer that will test everything they stand for. And through it they will discover their deepest fears and dreams, while uncovering secrets they never knew.

In The Unified Theory of Love and Everything, Elizabeth T. Ward takes readers on a journey into the heart of marriage, friendship, and what it means to love someone.


Praise from bloggers and readers:

"If I am being honest, I thought this was one of the most beautiful pieces of literature that I have ever read."  —A Published Romance Blog

“Ward has some of the most beautiful language and phraseology I’ve read.” —For the Love of Books Blog

"Whoa boy, this will be an interesting book club novel... An exploration of love, family, infidelity and a bit of Einstein.—BookStalker Blog 

 “I’ve rarely read a book that tackles the complications of love and relationships in a real way, but if any work of fiction captures these aspects, it's The Unified Theory of Love and Everything. For those prepared to receive a profound message of heartbreak, love, and renewal, this book is for you.” —Book Escape Reviews Blog

 “There was so much depth in The Unified Theory of Love and Everything! It was difficult to continue reading at times because of how true the words were; it was equally difficult to put the book down, for the same reason... Their love was as wrong as it was right, and the journey that they traveled was perfectly executed.” —Melissa Bugden, Bodacious Books and Baubles Blog

"Whoa, this was a painful, heart-wrenching, complicated look at the choices we make, and how we live with them afterwards... Riveting and yet difficult to read at times - I needed to stop and give my heart some space... this will make for excellent and enthusiastic book-club discussion!" – Jenn Belden, Goodreads