Armchairs Guide by Travis Neighbor Ward for Departures Magazine

Loving Arms: An appreciation of the humble armchair, the most versatile piece of living room furniture.

By Travis Neighbor Ward

Published in Departures Magazine

Tub, club, wing, bergere, beanbag, fauteuil, lounge: Few genres of furniture have bent themselves so willingly to the designer’s hand as the armchair. The profusion of armchair categories is proof positive that necessity–the need for a place to plop down–is the mother of stylish invention. “In the fifties people used to entertain a lot in formal rooms, like the living room, and the armchair was something you mainly showed off to your friends,” says Mark Goetz, a furniture designer and assistant professor of design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. “In the nineties comfort is the major issue. Today, you just want to jump in an armchair and have it envelop you.”…

Published in Departures Magazine.


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Ultimate Guide to Armchairs


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