The information superhighway looks a whole lot better at 1.5Mbps.

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In the early days of surfing the Net from home, many of us were so wowed by the technology that we didn’t care how many times the dial-up connection failed or how slowly Web pages loaded. We’d wait as long as it took, simply because the end result was so cool. Not any more! As we have come to depend on the Net for e-mail, news, shopping, and stock quotes, pokey modems have become major impediments. Now bandwidth — data-transmission capacity — is everything. The bigger it gets, the faster and more convenient it is to send and receive information. But before you rush to toss out that old modem, consider your options. All the new high-speed technologies for online cruising come with caveats, and if you don’t shop knowledgeably you may find yourself still disappointed but paying a lot more…



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