Fay Gold House by Travis Neighbor Ward

Pure Gold: Fay and Donald Gold have created, along with interior designer Stan Topol, one of Altanta’s only Modernist houses around one of the city’s most intriguing contemporary art collections: their own. 

By Travis Neighbor Ward and Brian Jay Ward

Published in Atlanta Magazine’s HOME


Seated in the expansive living room of Fay and Donald Gold’s home, you do not have to rise to look at the art. A shapely, life-size female figure covered in jelly beans–the original sculpture for contemporary photographer and installation artist Sandy Skoglund’s photograph “Gathering Paradise,” which hangs in the foyer–is dwarfed by the much larger-than-life red horse against the opposite wall. Beneath a coffee table lies a curious purple dog, waiting for an imaginary bone; above the doorway hangs an LED display continuously scrolling provocative phrases designed by Jenny Holzer (it is an edition of six titled “Under a Rock,” one of which is owned by the Modern Museum of Art in New York). And all about, except on the back wall of floor-t0-ceiling windows that faces the woods, are paintings and sculptures, mainly by well-known contemporary artists. There is nothing here to distract from the art, particularly not the exceedingly comfortable white sofa beneath you. “I don’t own breakfront cabinets and fancy mirrors, those take up wall space,” Fay explains. “I love it when art fills a room. It should reveal who you are and what you have to say. For me it is a necessity of life.”…


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