Grand Revival: Interior designer Stuart Pliner uses his versatile style to convert a dimly lit 1980s house into a sophisticated retreat

By Travis Neighbor Ward

Published in Modern Luxury’s Interiors Atlanta

In the world of interior design, the best projects are often the least expected. Those words certainly rang true for designer Stuart Pliner, who, while at a dinner party, met a busy executive couple who were feeling unenthusiastic about the master bedroom in their 1980s-style home. Pliner made an appointment to take a look and discovered that the entire house was in need of a facelift. Fast-forward one year and many meetings later, and he’d redecorated almost every room.

Part of what made the project so enjoyable was that “the couple [who prefer not to be named] was open to something new and different,” says the Atlanta designer. “They have a great sense of style, love working in their gardens and enjoy the finer things in life.” The couple was completely open to change, giving Pliner an open canvas to work with. It was a designer’s dream come true…


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