Travis Neighbor Ward interviews Cynthia Rowley and Ed Roland about his home design

Bachelor Pad 101: Designer Cynthia Rowley Offers Decorating Tips for Ed Roland of Collective Soul

By Travis Neighbor Ward

Published in Atlanta Magazine

There are those who approach home decorating according to the guidelines set by others. Then there are those who do whatever the heck they want because it looks cool–like Cynthia Rowley, fashion designer and co-author of the book Home Swell Home: Designing Your Dream Pad. With her new line of Swell home products at Target–and her TV show and column in Glamour magazine–Rowley is reinventing decor for the 21st century. What’s not new is that her advice is aimed at “chicks” 18 to 40 years old. How about the decorating guy? Can Swell apply to him, too?…

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Cynthia Rowley-Ed Roland


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