Judging from his portrait by Peter Lindbergh and his company’s $450 million annual profits, it would not be far-fetched to expect David Yurman to enter a room with bravado. In this photo—salt-and-pepper hair brushed back from his prominent brow, steely gaze off to one side, stubble, a black turtleneck clinging to his chest with Armani-esque adhesion—Yurman exudes the pent-up intensity and athleticism of a man prepared to win the America’s Cup. It’s easy to picture this ex-high school sports star arriving on any scene and instantly dominating it with hearty handshakes and kisses on ladies’ cheeks that result in peals of high-pitched laughter. And the proof is in the red-carpet photos of Yurman at New York high society parties: One arm is almost always embracing his wife, Sybil, and the other is around some gorgeous starlet like two of his ad campaign muses, Kate Moss and Naomi Watts. And the ladies are, more often than not, laughing. That is Yurman by night—and his favorite fashion brands for black suits and tuxedos are, in fact, Armani, Etro and Issey Miyake…

Published in The Atlantan Magazine.

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David Yurman Interview

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